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This November marked the 53rd and 3rd anniversaries of Days of Our Lives and By way of Today, respectively. In honor of this joint-birthday, The Receptionists sat down for a tell-all interview on their writing process, behind-the-scenes gossip, and exactly how they keep fans tuning in day by day.

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Let's recap recent events. . .

Hope is trying desperately to put Ben away again but with Wyatt confessing to planting the only evidence they had she’s feeling blocked at every turn. And now it seems all the roads are closed. When Rafe suggests they make a pit stop and grab a bite to eat, Hope rolls her eyes and heads for the bathroom. Rafe shrugs and tells JJ he was just trying to lighten the mood. JJ tells him good luck with that. No one has been able to reach Abigail or Chad, and JJ's mom is leading a search party as they speak. Rafe asks JJ why he didn’t go along. In the bathroom, Hope pops an Advil and splashes water on her face. She tells herself she has to keep it together. Ben will slip up sooner or later and this will all be over.

Chad wanders through the woods trying to get a phone signal. Finally getting reception on top of a large boulder, he calls Stefan and announces that he has a proposition. Stefan asks what makes him think he wants to hear anything from the brother that just kidnapped his wife. He holds up a dark-haired wig and tells Chad that he just had an interesting conversation with Gabi and doesn’t need to hear any proposal. He’s already notified the police.

The doorbell rings at the Kiriakis mansion. Henderson opens the door to reveal Ned Charles! “I’m not here. Don’t tell anybody I’m here but we need to talk.” Henderson suggests they talk in the study. Ned drops his rolled up copy of ArtForum onto a table and has a seat. Henderson turns to him and says he thought Ned was on vacation… permanent vacation. Ned tells Henderson to relax and that he more than anyone should know that things move in cycles and nothing is permanent. Henderson suggests that Ned must be desperate returning to Laredo while Abe is still looking for him. Ned dismisses the suggestion with a wave of his hand and asks for a drink. With his back to Ned, Henderson pours a drink plus a few drops from a little green bottle. Ned flips through his magazine. He asks Henderson why he isn’t having one himself. Henderson hands Ned a drink and replies that he is working, obviously. Ned drops his magazine, raises his glass and brings it to his lips.

Also, John and Marlena got married for the 6th or 7th time.

In this episode from the archive Dr. Charles leaves Laredo for good after the town turns against him (again).

Following his disappearance, Dr. Charles emerges in Irvine, California for a failed campaign for mayor then returns to his hideaway on the Island for another restart. Is it possible that reknowned local painter Julian Vendrell is alive?

Will Dr. Charles write the wrongs done to him by Salemites like Hope and Rafe? Or will this be a peacefull retirement?

When the Receptionist lands on the Island will the doctor be happy to see them?

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