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Claire breaks up with Theo because he spends all day and night in the hospital at Ciara’s bedside following her accident in Melvin’s car. Unable to deal with her losses and unwilling to talk, Claire gets a bottle of pills from Rory that he says are sure to help her forget her problems. When Jennifer sees Claire looking at the pills in the park she follows Claire and starts yelling at her. Claire runs but Jennifer follows. When Rafe steps out of the frozen yogurt shop because of the commotion Claire admits that she did get some pills but hasn’t taken any yet. Rafe makes her hand them over. Claire visits Ciara in the hospital and asks forgiveness for being terrible to her and Theo and leaves. Claire tracks down Jeri Lee at his studio in Nashville. Unable to send Claire away politely, she is invited to stay until she can get things settled back in Laredo. Claire starts helping Jeri with his songs and in short time the two start recording together. Back in Laredo, Patch tells Shawn that he’s found Claire and she’s with Jeri in Nashville. After his call with Patch, Shawn sees Claire and Jeri on ZTV plugging their new video. A clip of their first single shows Jeri bent over the coffin of his dead sister. The window of a distant limousine lowers revealing the chauffeur to be Claire. Shawn calls Jeri and tells him that Claire has been lying to him about why she left. Jeri sends Claire off with a bus ticket to Laredo. Claire is pissed but glad she got publishing rights and will still be getting rich off the album which is starting to get a lot of play on ZTV. It’s unclear where Claire goes, but she’s not seen in Laredo until she returns in summer 2019 to make a surprise appearance at Ciara’s bachelorette party. In early 2019 a new single, for which Claire received a writing credit, charts. The song can be heard playing in Claire’s car when she and Wyatt are driving home from Ciara's destination wedding. She expresses how tired she is of hearing “that song.” She’s still angry at being edited out of the video… again. Wyatt asks her why she doesn’t start recording her own material again. Days later Claire gets on stage. She starts off shaky but brings down the roof at Doug’s Place. Theo's return to Laredo that night puts him in the back for Claire’s encore. He leaves before she can see him but not before Wyatt does.