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Currently: Eating FroYo in the square.

Marlena’s outrageous storylines and long suffering nature, plus supernatural inclinations, have made her a soap legend and television icon.

Marlena was introduced on Days of Our Lives as Mickey Horton’s psychiatrist in 1976.

Following her reunion with John Black in 2017, Marlena slowly becomes joyful and hilarious to the point of absurdity. While she’s rarely at the office, she takes on a motherly role to many people in her life. Further losing her grip on reality, John becomes concerned and tricks her into seeing Dr. Reagan for what he says is a required visit requested by their health insurer. In early 2019 John learns that she has a brain tumor. Dr. Reagan claims her condition will gradually worsen to the point where she will be completely separated from reality and living in a world of her own making. John decides not tell Marlena what is happening to her. A few weeks later while vacationing on The Island Marlena can’t remember who she is and repeatedly calls John by the name of Stefano. When having a drink with Abe at the Midnight Hour, John can’t keep the secret any longer and spills it to Abe. When Abe sees Marlena get out of a cab and enter Stefano’s old, now abandoned, mansion he starts to suspect that there might be more than a brain tumor in Marlena’s head.

Dr. Marlena Evans's favorite pen :

A red Montblanc of coarse.