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By Way of Today


Name Names

Summary for Saturday, April 22: Stormy sets up a new security camera and Faith talks baby names.

Stormy wakes, swings his feet out of bed, rises, and loses his balance and falls to the floor. He lies on the floor looking at the ceiling fan spinning.

At GCC, Stormy finds a package in front of his office door. Inside the office he opens the package and lays out the pieces of a closed circuit security camera system. Later, Stormy connects the TV and sees a live view of the alley just outside his back door.

Back at his office, Stormy talks to Faith on the phone about naming their child. Stormy doesn't want to decide such an important thing over the phone and they agree to meet at the Cheatin' Heart when Faith's shift is over. Following the call, Stormy unfolds a piece of paper revealing the only name on his list of baby names is Aiden. He looks up to the ceiling and says, "It's the least I can do, Pop."

Tomorrow’s News:

Stormy goes to Pack for advice.