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By Way of Today


"Privately Employed"

Summary for Sunday, April 23: Stormy goes to Pack for help.

Stormy's at the Global Chemical Company office looking at an ultrasound printout of his unborn child. He picks up the phone and makes a call to Pack. He asks for the name of the specialist Pack mentioned to him the other day. Pack can’t remember the specialist’s name - Barret? Fellows? Doesn’t matter though, because Pack tells Stormy that the specialist is no longer at the hospital but privately employed by Stefano. Stormy is displeased but asks for the specialist's number anyway. Pack says he’ll have one of his assistants find it. Stormy says it’s kind of urgent and he’d like a call back right away. Pack is somewhat taken aback but says he’ll do that. Stormy replaces the phone and waits.

The phone rings at Stormy’s desk. He’s ready for it and picks up immediately. He listens and writes a phone number on a notepad. He asks if the caller is sure because that’s not the name Pack said. Having been assured, Stormy hangs up the phone and stares at the number he wrote on the pad.

Tomorrow’s News:

Doris brings juice.