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By Way of Today


The Cajun Connection

Summary for Tuesday, April 25: Pack tells Stormy about Marlena, Doug shops for jewelry, and Stormy sees someone breaking into GCC.

In the back room of the Global Chemical Company office, Pack bends down on his hands and knees to inspect some debris on the floor. Stormy walks in and asks what he’s doing. Pack asks if the office has ever had any bird problems. Stormy gives him a funny look. “You know, droppings and the like,” says Pack. Stormy says he doesn’t have time for this right now. Pack asks how he’s feeling and if he's called the specialist. Stormy says her name is Dr. Paulette and he still hasn't called. Stormy wants to know more about what Stefano is up to before getting in the middle of it. Pack suggests talking to Marlena. Apparently she’s been down in New Orleans at Maison Blanche a lot recently, which is confusing because Pack thought she hated Stefano. Stormy nods, feigning confusion, but when Pack turns away Stormy jots down Marlena’s name on the notepad. He circles it.

At Stanley Brown Jewelist Doug asks about earrings for a special someone. The jewelist shows him a pair that is too gaudy, then one that is too simple, then one that is just right. He holds it up to the light admiring its character. The jewelist remarks that she doesn’t know anyone who wouldn’t appreciate receiving them. Doug nods approvingly and says “You hear that Julie.”

Stormy naps at his desk. Upon waking, he glances at his security monitor and sees a van pull up. A guy gets out and tries to break into the back door. Stormy calls the police. He watches the monitor, gathering courage to address the situation. He waits a moment then grabs a stapler and heads toward the door. He opens the door ready to attack. There’s no one there.

Tomorrow’s News:

Caroline is concerned.