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By Way of Today


Not Just Any Pharma Rep

Summary for Wednesday, April 26: Caroline thinks she knows it all and maybe, just maybe, she does.

Caroline stops by GCC. Stormy is working in the back room. Caroline asks Stormy if he's finished with his science fair experiment. He says he just needs to get cleaned up and dressed and will be ready. When Stormy steps out, Caroline sits at his desk. She pulls open a drawer to reveal a broken watch. Then she sees the pad with the phone number on it. She pulls it closer to her. Just then Stormy comes back to find her in his seat. Caroline asks about the phone number he wrote on the notepad and Stormy says it's nothing, just a pharma rep. Caroline says no, that she knows the number. It’s the specialist. She looks at him with concern and asks if he is sick. Stormy asks why she would ask that. Caroline tells him about Stefano and his trip to Russia and that he's working with the doctor. Stormy cuts her off, pretending to have a bad headache, and says that they should reschedule lunch. Caroline leaves. Stormy, agitated, stares at the notepad. He quickly reaches for the phone and dials the number.

In Berkeley Plaza, Caroline runs into Marlena. Caroline says she heard Marlena was recently in New Orleans at Maison Blanche. Marlena confirms and says it's not what Caroline thinks. Caroline says she knows exactly why Marlena was there. Marlena is surprised. Caroline says she knows that Marlena has another agenda and that if she knows, then Stefano has probably known the whole time. Then Caroline says that what Stefano is working on will undoubtedly be worth a lot of money. Marlena questions Caroline’s assessment of her motive. Caroline responds that she's only saying this as a friend. Just as Marlena lets out a slow “Uh huh” she flashes back to the moment Caroline showed up at her house with a plate of poisoned muffins and they sat at the table eating and laughing and a few minutes later Caroline left while Marlena was convulsing on the floor. Marlena thanks Caroline for the friendly advice and walks away.

Tomorrow’s News:

Stormy has a bad dream.