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By Way of Today


Message Not Received

Summary for Thursday, April 27: Stormy's vision expands and Doug thinks he's lost all hope.

Stormy hangs up the phone and complains about the specialist not setting up their answering machine. How is anyone supposed to get a hold of them? He calls again with the same result. He picks up a book of Celtic baby names and scans the pages with feigned interest. He flips the the pages faster and faster, until he drops the book on the floor. He talks to himself about being confused by names.They all the look the same. Why is he called this and not that? Is Stormy just a costume? Can he take off the costume? He’s dizzy. He needs his pills. He checks the desk drawer but finds only one bottle and it's empty. Starting to get anxious, he goes for his pants pockets but discovers that they’ve been sewn shut. When he looks up the book of baby names floats in front of him. The book falls to the floor and Stormy wakes up. He’s sweating and breathing hard. It was a dream.

At Berkeley Plaza, Doug putters around, depressed about his chances with Julie. He sits down on a bench and pulls out the earrings he bought. “It’s hopeless.”

At GCC, Stormy hooks up a joystick to operate his security camera. He moves it down and then back up and then to the right and remarks how nice it is to be able to look around. The phone rings. Caroline is on the other end and asks about lunch. Stormy says he has a lot of work to do, and that he just got a new camera. He tells Caroline he has to go and he finishes off a bottle of juice.

Later, Stormy walks the aisles of the health food store. He looks at some products. He gets as many juices as can fit in his basket. He's at the register and the clerk is ringing up his purchases and he looks at a powdered health drink and asks the clerk if he knows anything about it. A sign advertises it as a miracle feel good. The clerk shrugs. Stormy throws one in the basket and says “why not?”

Tomorrow’s News:

Stormy’s visions get worse.
There’s fire in Doug’s eyes.