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By Way of Today


It’s Crystal Clear

Summary for Saturday, April 29: Stormy gets an icy letter and goes looking for fire.

Stormy enters GCC and finds an envelope with his name written on it. Inside the envelope is a handwritten note saying: “YOU’RE ON THIN ICE, MY FRIEND. SINCERELY, BRONSKY.” From his desk Stormy calls Doug. He says he thinks it's time they had a conversation about ice skating. Doug reminds Stormy that he skated professionally for a few years before he started singing. Stormy tells Doug he knew he was the person to talk to and he wants to know all about it. Doug says it's been a while and asks where he should start. Stormy glances toward the back room and suggests maybe they shouldn't do this over the phone. Doug says he's at the club all night and it's busy there for a change, then offers that he'll be in the plaza for breakfast tomorrow with Doris and could stop by after. Stormy says that would be great, then asks if Doug has talked to Doris today. Doug says no, that they set up breakfast a couple days ago. Doug asks if something is wrong. Stormy says he’s sure it’s nothing to worry about, he just hasn’t been able to reach her today.

Stormy and Marlena walk through the town square. They each eat from a cup of frozen yogurt. They sit on a bench and Marlena talks about missing the yogurt. She’s only been eating cajun food lately. She asks if it’s crawdad or crawdaddy? Stormy ignores her and asks why she’s been frequenting Stefano’s mansion. He thought she hated Stefano. She does hate him, but, from a medical standpoint, his work is too interesting to ignore. She quickly stops herself. She’s not supposed to talk about his secret medical project. Stormy says he had a hunch that that’s what it was about anyway, and she relaxes. He details his spells of dizziness, fainting, and visions and also complains about the specialist’s answering machine. Marlena admits that it sounds similar, but that she doesn't know enough yet about what Stefano is really doing. Stormy asks if she can remember anything helpful. At first she’s not sure, then she remembers him talking about a crystal. She overheard him mention it on the phone the other day and it sounded pretty important. “A crystal?” Stormy asks. “On an Island somewhere,” Marlena says.

On a late night call to Dr. Tong, Stormy reveals that he doesn't know who he is anymore. Is he a guy in a lab coat? A soon-to-be father? He’s bounced around from one job to the next, in so many different roles, in so many different places, and he worries that he’s lost his internal compass. He says he wouldn't know how to get there even if he knew where there was. He says he doesn't know which way is up anymore. Following a long pause, Dr. Tong says that the compass is still there. It's always inside but that sometimes you need another compass to find the compass. Stormy contemplates the doctor's words.

Tomorrow’s News:

Stormy goes to the library.
Brent looks good.