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By Way of Today


Counting the Days

Summary for Sunday, April 30: Stormy's still trying to get to the bottom of Russia and Doug's past catches up with him.

By the coffee maker at GCC, Doug asks about Stormy's recent interest in ice skating. Stormy asks if Doug has any connections with Russian figure skaters. Doug says he might know one person. Stormy asks him to have a seat at his cubicle. They sit and Stormy asks if he knows how to contact his Russian skater. Doug is saying names trying to remember the guy’s name. Randall, Raymond, Rusty, Rrrrrank? Rolando! That's it. Rolando Divcek. Stormy says, “Divcek, you’re sure? It sounds made up.” Doug says yes and that he probably doesn't have his number or address but knows who would. Stormy says that would be great, then asks if Doug could please not tell anybody about this. Doug says that will be easy. He's never met a non-ice skater with the slightest interest in the sport.

Stormy is on the phone with Doris. He says he can bring her coat by her place tonight. Doris says not to bother that she has something to take care of tonight. Stormy asks if she's alright, but she had already hung up. Stormy is confused by Doris blowing him off and rubs his forehead.

At the library, Stormy looks at newspapers on the microfiche machine. He reads an article about a crystal in Russia that is credited with a woman's vision that helped find her lost son. He wonders if this is the same crystal that Marlena mentioned. Are there more than one?

Stormy is on the phone with Dr. Tong. The doctor asks him to count out loud with as much consistency in frequency as he can and at whatever speed he chooses. Stormy starts with one and counts as instructed but with difficulty. The doctor asks how that felt and Stormy says, "Like drinking through an undersized straw." The doctor says he'll learn to do it in time and instructs him to count to 60 in this manner after every meal. He recommends purchasing a metronome. Then Dr. Tong reminds Stormy that his receptionist interviews are tomorrow. Stormy says he knows that but that he’s discouraged because he needs more than an office assistant to get his life back on track. A voice interrupts and asks Stormy to deposit more money. Stormy complies. After a long beep then a moment of silence Dr. Tong asks if Stormy has ever watched a soap opera. The doctor says that sometimes you can more clearly work out in fiction that which is difficult in life. The doctor says that we're all in the midst of an opera and that we must get past being a helpless scripted character and learn to take a step back to look with the eyes of a writer. The doctor adds, “You are also your hairstylist and wardrobe department. I am an advisor but you are the director.” Stormy says there are so many soap operas and asks Dr. Tong to recommend one. Dr. Tong tells him he is missing the point, but prescribes Days of Our Lives and suggests also picking up a copy of Soap Opera Digest next time he's at the supermarket. Dr. Tong says that because of soaps no one is alone. Stormy asks what this means. Dr. Tong says that community is inter-visual, a connected web of many types of vision. It is complicated, but tele-vision is a good starting place. Stormy seems unsure and tells the doctor that this seems like a big commitment. Dr. Tong says yes and nothing more.

Wearing a wig and sunglasses for disguise, Doug cautiously walks into The Pines. On top of everything else, Jeri is performing tonight. Doug is still mad about Larry poaching his best singer. “Pick your battles, Doug,” he tells himself. Doug finds a dark booth in the corner and brushes off the waitress. After a few minutes, a woman, also in disguise, sits down opposite him. She doesn’t say a word. Doug notices she’s wearing the same exact earrings he bought for Julie. He says, “Hey where did you get - “ She interrupts him, “Shut up. Just shut up. Don’t say anything. I want to have a good look at you...” Doug starts to sweat. The woman smiles. “You look good, Brent.”

Stormy calls Doug’s place and is told that Doug just left and was headed over to The Pines. Stormy says that doesn't make sense but the man on the line says he heard it directly from Doug. Stormy calls The Pines and asks for Doug. At The Pines a waiter interrupts Doug and the mysterious woman to tell him that he has a call. Doug wonders aloud how anyone knows he's here. He excuses himself and takes the phone call at the bar. On the other end of the line, Stormy asks about the Russian figure skating coach. Doug says he still hasn't been able to locate him but he's working on it. Frustrated Stormy hangs up. Doug returns to his booth and the woman is gone. Stormy hears a noise from the back and runs out and opens the back door and there's a guy with a shopping cart full of aluminum cans. They look at each other. Stormy ask if he saw anybody else. The man shakes his head ‘no.’ Stormy goes back in. Stormy opens the door again and the man he just saw is gone.

Tomorrow’s News:

GCC gets a mysterious package.
The Specialist finally picks up.