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Change Your Wallpaper, No… Change Your Life

Summary for Thursday, May 11: Stormy gets an unexpected consultation, Bronski is introduced to Nicole, Roman is out and the Receptionist is in, Marlena and Julie play hooky, and Doug is Doug.

Bronski sleeps in the bed at the cabin. The man tied to the chair is yelling at him to wake up. From under the covers, Bronski asks what’s wrong and asks why he is yelling. The man says he’s hungry. Bronski waves him off and goes back to sleep. The man starts singing. Bronski yells at him to stop. The man keeps singing. Bronski throws off his blanket and says he’s up. Bronski winces as he puts pressure on his leg. The man says he's a doctor at the local hospital. It looks like the leg may be broken and he could look at it if he weren't tied up. Bronski chuckles, “Nice try, doc.”

Stormy enters GCC but it's not GCC. A man named Newton greets him and thanks him for coming in for his consultation. Stormy hesitantly goes along with this. Newton directs Stormy to a chair. Stormy asks if Lynn knows about all this. Newton says that Lynn set this all up. Stormy mentions that he is on his way out of town. They try to figure out where they may have met before, who the Receptionist is and who may have set up Stormy’s consultation. Newton says he wants to help Stormy with his business and explains his services. Still unsure what's going on, Stormy nods. Stormy says he may have been hasty in starting the company at all. Newton digs deeper into Stormy’s doubts. Stormy confesses that his business is a bit of a vanity project. Newton suggests that the business is inside him or that Stormy himself is the business. Stormy says he feels like he has to agree with that. Newton explores Stormy’s discomfort. He says that uncomfortability can be conducive to moving forward. Stormy says he can feel it but not put it into words. They again try to identify Stormy’s Receptionist. Stormy volunteers that the hair is the easiest way to know if they're talking about the same person. Stormy says it doesn’t matter and he might be giving it all up. Newton says they just discussed the business being Stormy himself, and if that’s true, it means he wants a break from himself. Stormy doesn’t like Newton’s use of the word relapse but wonders if change isn’t always good. Stormy asks Newton if he is affiliated with Dr. Tong, and feels a similar connection to Newton. He then adds that the face-to-face part is nice since he only talks to Dr.Tong on the phone.

Julie walks into New Day Psychotherapy Group and flips on the lights. She wonders how Marlena got along without her. Julie flashes back to the day she started working there. The office was disgusting. Crumbs on the carpet, peeling wallpaper, the desk was a disaster zone. Julie straightens up the waiting room chairs and fans out a handful of magazines across a side table. Julie’s intercom buzzes. Marlena’s voice comes through. “Julie, is my 9 o’clock here?” Julie sits down at her desk and presses a button and says hello. Marlena’s voice: “Julie? Are you there?” Julie presses buttons and says hello a couple times. No answer.

Abe and the Receptionist sit in the bleachers watching cross country practice. Abe crushes a soda can against the bleachers. The Receptionist is looking at shoelaces. He says he hasn't seen a yellow pair yet. Clyde jogs out of the field house and they both notice his yellow shoelaces right off. The Receptionist says, “Clyde Westin?”

At GCC/not-GCC, Newton tells Stormy about social physics. An alarm is going off, and Stormy wonders if they should be concerned with it. Newton turns off the alarm and says it was to remind him to feel something. Stormy asks about his notepad and says Lynn might have moved some of his things to the back. He mentions his upcoming journey and taking a new direction in life. Newton brings up the tension within Stormy and the way he conveys his inner self. Stormy admits that he has been tense lately, maybe from spending too much time at the office. He mentions how late it is and that Newton must work long hours too. They again discuss doubts. Stormy mentions how the path sometimes has a tree, and sometimes a wild animal, and the obstacles may get you off the path, you might get lost, and maybe find yourself at a cliff. The coffee machine sounds loudly. Stormy is surprised that it works and mentions he didn’t know. He has been getting his coffee from Doug’s Place. Newton isn’t familiar, so Stormy explains the concept of Doug’s Place being a club that features local singers, but that is starting to branch out into other kinds of beverages, like coffee and bubbly water.

Snake is on his apartment couch eating cereal and watching Days. He yells at Val to “just eat the pancakes already. At least take a bite so Eli doesn't have to worry about you too.” The doorbell rings. Snake is upset that someone would visit during his program. Luckily he's watching yesterday's tape. He pauses the action. On the other side of the door the police identify themselves. Snake drops his bowl of cereal and runs through the apartment and out the back door. Roman is waiting for him. He twirls his finger and Snake turns around as an officer cuffs him.

Marlena walks out of NDPG’s back office and stretches her arms over her head, inhaling deeply. She holds the pose. Julie looks up from her desk. She starts to apologize for her fumbling with the intercom. Marlena waves her off and lets out a loud, breathy exhale. “Do you ever practice breathing?” Marlena asks. Julie says not usually. It’s more of an unconscious thing. Marlena asks what they’re doing today. Julie says, “Well, you’ve got that 9 o’clock. He’s, um… not here yet.” Julie gets quiet. Marena looks over Julie’s shoulder at the calendar, seeing Doug’s name, then looks back at Julie. She gets an idea. Marlena runs to the front door and flips the open sign to closed. Her back to the door, Marlena says, “No no, what are we doing today?” Julie doesn’t follow. What about the appointments? Marlena shrugs and says there can’t be any appointments if the doctor’s not on duty. Julie laughs. Marlena slowly moves her hand to the light switch and kills the lights. “Two words, Julie. Frozen. Yogurt.”

Roman gets into his car and picks up his mobile unit. He asks if Abe is in. He replaces the phone and looks up in thought. “Where are you, Abe?”

Back at track practice, Abe asks what the Receptionist knows about Westin. They say not much, but he practically lives across the street. His dad’s in real estate. Abe watches Clyde stretch his hamstrings. He grits his teeth and says, “It looks like we're having a sleepover tonight.”

At “his” office, Stormy’s consultation continues. Newton wants to know about Stormy's pace when on the path. Stormy eventually qualifies it as a casual stroll. Newton says this is interesting. Stormy asks if that means something. Newton says that he wants it to mean something to Stormy. Stormy thinks and says that maybe he could sometimes go fast and sometimes go slow. He admits that he needs to keep moving, and that stopping would be a defeat. He doubts that this discussion of pace is helping him. Newton insists he should think about it. Stormy wonders if thinking about it might be enough. Newton nods. Stormy says that he must leave. He wonders about the office redecoration, but says that Lynn knows what she is doing. Newton says he’s getting a lot done between the desk and the sink and toilet. Stormy says the office has it all. Stormy asks if Newton has heard the mice on wheels in the ceiling. He says he has. Stormy’s eyes brighten. He asks Newton to mention it to Lynn because he has brought it up numerous times and thinks that Lynn doubts him. Newton mentions that he has a consultation with Lynn tomorrow. Stormy says that is great. Newton promises to update her. Stormy pops a candy and stands. He says he needs to locate his notepad. Newton asks him to fill out a mental evaluation after he leaves. Stormy mentions how much he appreciates feedback and will definitely do that. He says he will make a note in his notepad if he finds it. Newton says he doesn’t even have to write it. Stormy says right, he just meant that he would make the note to do the mental evaluation form later. Stormy goes to the back. As Stormy enters the front office again, his watch band suddenly breaks. He asks Newton what it might mean. Newton says that's probably not the right question. They shake hands again, wish each other luck, and Stormy is on his way.

Bronski turns on the television. He watches absently. He says he’s tired of running. He needs a break. The man in the chair says to stop there. Bronski stops flipping channels. The man says that Nicole has been trapped in this villa for a couple weeks now. He asks to be moved so he can see the action better. Bronski looks at the man and back at the television. He asks, “What's the deal with this Nicole? Did someone kidnap her?” The man explains as Bronski slides him and his chair over by the bed.

Doug power walks through Berkeley Plaza and complains about sleeping through his alarm. He finds Marlena’s office empty and the doors locked. Doug shakes the doors in frustration and screams. A police officer walks by and asks if everything’s alright here. Doug smooths out his hair and apologizes. It’s been a weird week. Over the officer’s shoulder, Doug sees Marlena and Julie sitting in the plaza, talking and laughing. He can barely keep it together.

At the airport gate, Stormy watches a bird out the window. He tests the strength of his watch band then takes a drink of juice. He finishes the juice and pulls out his notebook and puts a check mark for today's morning juice. He looks at the bird walking along the wing of the plane. Not a care in the world. The bird takes off. Stormy looks at his watch. He wonders what's keeping Dr. Paulette.

In Berkeley Plaza, Marlena and Julie are eating frozen yogurt and laughing. Marlena leans back in her chair and gets serious for a minute. “You know, Julie? Things haven’t been the same since you started working for me.” Julie looks anxious and says, “Oh?” Marlena nods. “It’s been… how can I put this? Julie, it’s been amazing!” Julie lets out a sigh of relief and yells at Marlena. “Don’t scare me like that!” Marlena gives a fake evil laugh. Marlena gets serious again. “But really, you’ve been a huge help. I don’t know how I managed without you.” Julie says she doesn’t know either. “Careful,” says Marlena. Doug walks up to their table and clears his throat. “Marlena. Julie. Hello.” Marlena and Julie answer in unison. “Doug.” Doug looks back and forth between the two and then addresses Marlena. He thought they had an appointment this morning. Marlena says that’s not possible. The office is closed. Doug says, “But, I…” Marlena cuts him off. “It’s not possible, Doug.” Doug nods several times and then says it’s a little early for frozen yogurt. Marlena looks at her watch and says it’s much later than he thinks. Doug thinks quick. How about some coffee? With a smirk Julie says, “Oh, do you know a place?” Doug says he just might.

Dr. Paulette wheels her suitcase along and stops next to a sleeping Stormy. She nudges him with a large fast food bag. Stormy wakes. Dr. Paulette sits and says the first place was out of coffee so she had to go to another. They eat. Stormy asks what kind of doctor she is. She answers, “Physics.”

Inside his house, Clyde’s mom answers the phone. She yells at Clyde that he has a phone call. Clyde gets on the line and listens. He says okay and hangs up. Clyde tells his mom Jenny’s picking him up soon because they've got a group project to work on.

The Receptionist looks out the bedroom windows with binoculars. Abe enters wearing pajamas and thanks the Receptionist for the hot cocoa. He asks if there’s been any action yet. The Receptionist says it's all quiet and snaps off half a pickle for Abe. Abe waves him off and says, “Not with cocoa.” Abe settles in a comfy chair with a book. He turns on his flashlight and starts reading. The Receptionist exclaims he's got Westin coming out the front door. Abe shuts his book and runs downstairs.

Just outside the Receptionist’s house, Roman sits in his car with the lights off. He watches as Abe and the Receptionist exit the house and get into Abe’s car. Roman writes down the time in a little notebook. He follows them as they drive away.

Dr. Paulette and Stormy sit side by side on the airplane. A stewardess walks by checking seatbelts. Dr. Paulette says things are about to change for Stormy. He says he knows. He doesn't know how, but that he knows it will be different from now on. Dr. Paulette says she's excited for him. She'll never be able to do it again for the first time. They hold hands as the plane bounces down the runway.

Abe and the Receptionist creep through the shadows of an old warehouse. Roman watches from a distance. Clyde talks with a woman. The Receptionist wonders who the woman is. It looks like she's running the operation. The woman steps into the light and for a moment her face is visible. Abe says he knows exactly who she is. He's not happy to see her. “Kiki’s back.”

Tomorrow’s News:

Doug and Julie reconnect.
Clyde goes downtown.