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By Way of Today


If You Are Headed in the Right Direction, All You Have to Do is Keep Going

Summary for Friday, May 12: Marlena goes home to work, Doug and Julie talk over coffee, Stormy and Dr. Paulette kill time at the airport, and Abe and the Receptionist get their guy.

Marlena, Julie and Doug drink coffee together in Berkeley Plaza. Marlena raises her cup to Doug and gives a little nod. Doug smiles in return. They each talk about feeling pretty stressed out lately. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. Marlena says she could use a break. “Like a vacation?” asks Julie. Marlena answers, “Well, not a vacation per se. Just a break...” Doug and Julie nod in agreement. Marlena looks at her watch and says she has to run. She’s got to get home for her house calls this afternoon. Both Doug and Julie look up at her confused. Wasn’t the office closed? Marlena says, “A psychiatrist’s work is never done!” She chugs her coffee and hands the empty cup to Doug. “Thank you?” he says. Marlena leaves. Julie and Doug look at each other bashfully. Doug stammers, “Did, did she say she was going home for her house calls?” Julie throws her arms up in the air. “That’s Marlena!”

Dr. Paulette and Stormy are in the waiting area of a small airport. Dr. Paulette says she's sorry she didn't explain the whole itinerary. You can't just get a direct flight from Laredo to the Island. She says it's just one more little flight then a boat ride. Stormy says he's fine, he can wait. He sees another bird. This one is eating a little bit of bread and shaking its head like it’s dancing.

Abe wakes up in bed with the Receptionist. He peeks out the window and goes downstairs to make coffee. The coffee maker doesn't work. The Receptionist enters. Abe’s grumpy and not hiding it. He asks how they get along without coffee in the morning. The Receptionist says if they get it they get it from Doug’s Place. “Since when has Doug been brewing coffee?” Abe accuses Doug of not even liking coffee. “What business does he have getting into coffee?” The Receptionist shrugs. Abe says Westin will be headed to school in about fifteen minutes and they should pull him over on the way and take him quietly to the station. He softens. Maybe they can swing by Doug's for coffee.

Doug and Julie take a walk through Minos Park. Doug admits that he’s losing touch. “I used to be a singer… Now I pay other people to sing while I’m in the back brewing crap lattes.” Julie says they’re not so bad, the lattes. Doug gives her a sarcastic look. Julie changes the subject. She’s in the same boat. Working for Marlena has been fun, but it’s not anything she’s passionate about. Julie says, “How about you, Doug? What are you passionate about?” Doug shakes his head. He says the only thing he knows for sure right now is that that little girl needs a family. “Hope?” asks Julie. Doug looks her right in the face. “She’s all I got.” Julie flashes back to her last moments with Addie in the hospital. Addie takes her hand and makes her promise to take care of Doug and Hope. Tears roll down Julie’s face. Doug suggests going back to the Plaza and getting some coffee. Julie wipes her nose and says that sounds good.

Bronski turns on the television. The reception is lousy. The man in the chair says you have to move the antenna around until it comes in. Bronksi tries. He can’t get a picture. The man asks if he can try. Bronski asks him his name. He says Daniel. Bronksi says, “Okay Daniel. I’m going to untie you but if you try anything that will be the end of Daniel.” Daniel agrees and Bronski cuts his ropes. Daniel moves the antenna around while Bronski watches. Bronski exclaims that he saw Nicole and to move it back where it just was. Daniel moves it back the other way. The picture crystallizes. Justin tries to convince Sonny not to go to Greece. Chloe is at the hospital to see Brady. Bronski asks if that’s the guy that was with Nicole. Daniel says yes, that’s Brady. Xander shot him. Nicole is crying and won’t forgive Eric. Bronski asks why Nicole won’t forgive Eric, he’s there to save her. Daniel says that Eric unintentionally, and drunkenly, killed Nicole’s husband. They have a long history.

Stormy whips his head down to look at his watch. 12:57. He scans the area and runs over to the nearest television. He apologizes to the girl watching and changes the channel. Nicole is crying. Eric is there to save her and she still can’t forgive him for Daniel’s death. Stormy wonders how Eric got to the island. He missed that part. Thinking further on it, he doesn't remember how Xander and Nicole got there. Or Chad, or Hope, or Andre. It’s like they all simply arrived as if the island is just on the other side of town.

Abe, the Receptionist, and Clyde enter the station. Clyde wonders how Abe can drink the coffee from Doug's Place. Abe says, “It’s hot isn't it?” Clyde still doesn't understand why they brought him in for a minor moving violation. Abe says too many eyes and ears on the street. Clyde says, “What?” Abe ushers him back to his office. Abe puts his hand on the Receptionist’s chest. He says he's got to do this alone. The Receptionist sits in the waiting area. Through the large picture window of Abe's office they watch Abe holding up a shoelace in a plastic bag, then a security camera tape. Clyde starts crying. Abe walks around his desk to comfort Clyde. Roman walks Snake back to a holding cell and pauses in front of Abe’s office. Roman questions Abe, “Care to fill me in on what all this is about?” Snake and Clyde meet eyes. Clyde looks terrified and quickly stops his crying. Abe and Roman look at each other.

Abe comes out of his office and sits next to the Receptionist. They ask if he talked. Abe nods, “Too much. He gave me Kiki right away. But he keeps spouting off gibberish about a doctor on an island.” The Receptionist lights up. Roman watches the exchange from across the office.

Back in the Plaza, Doug and Julie sit down with two fresh coffees. “Nothing fancy,” he says to Julie. “As long as it’s hot,” she says. Doug says he’s got that part down at least. Doug says he’s glad they can talk again. He feels like he’s been holding everything back. Julie says, “Like what?” Doug starts in on how weird his week has been. He recounts the threatening letter, the package of playing cards, and the mysterious meeting he had with that woman at The Pines. “The Pines?” Julie says in disbelief. “Who could have dragged you there?” Doug sets the scene, describing the woman and her disguise. Meanwhile, Julie flashes back to that night, revealing that she actually was that woman. She was the one who left the letter and package as well. Doug says, “And the weirdest part was... well, she was wearing these earrings…” Julie leans forward. Doug pauses for a second then says, “Aw, never mind. It’s behind me now.” Julie says he shouldn’t be so casual about the whole thing. It sounds serious and she’s worried. Doug says now she’s got him all worried! Julie says, “Good. You should be.” She places her hand on his. Doug doesn’t know how to react and gives a nervous smile.

At the airport, Stormy and Dr. Paulette walk to pass the time. They pass couples carrying luggage, carrying kids, watching television in the cafe, having drinks, buying sunscreen. Dr. Paulette says that layovers are the worst. Stormy says it’s not so bad when you are waiting for something. Stormy excuses himself to the restroom. In the restroom, he looks at himself in the mirror. He runs his hand through his hair and is annoyed. He’s hasn’t had a haircut in weeks. He washes his face and when finished slicks back his hair with his wet hands. Dr. Paulette is waiting right where Stormy left her. She raises her eyebrows and points to his hair. He asks if it’s too much. Before she can answer, he says he thought he’d try a new look on the Island. She tells him not to worry. She knows a good barber when they get there. And besides, things like that tend to take care of themselves on the Island.

The Receptionist and Abe enter what was GCC. The Receptionist runs to the back office. The vision board is gone. Stormy's notepad is blank, the used pages ripped out. The Receptionist tells Abe they're too late. Abe tells them it's never too late. He grabs a pencil and scribbles over the top page of Stormy's pad. In counter-relief they read: Flight 6721, Tomorrow 1pm. The Receptionist says that Abe must have learned every trick in the book at the academy. Abe says not every trick, “I learned that one from Bo.” The Receptionist asks, “Bo Brady?” Abe nods in the affirmative, rips out the page, and says they’ve got to get to the airport right away.

Tomorrow’s News:

Stormy sees a Doug, and an Aiden, and a Caroline too.