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By Way of Today


Hope on the Horizon

Summary for Tuesday, May 2: Stormy finally connects with Caroline. The Receptionist doesn't know what to do or what tomorrow many bring. Doug is Doug, and Doris is someone else.

At The Pines, Doug sits at a table writing out menu ideas. He’s working on a list of drinks and options for how they can be served. He puts down his pen and to no one in particular says, “This just may work.”

From the back room of GCC Stormy studies a board with images of various devices, machines, characters and crystals. He eyes the back door suspiciously. Was the doorknob jiggling? Next to the board with the crystals is another board with sketches of Stormy’s visions. He looks back and forth between the boards. Stormy glances at his watch and remembers that Days of Our Lives is on. He runs to the front office to set up the tv. After many frustrating minutes wrangling the antenna cord and positioning the cable box he finally gets a signal. Tripp is doing some investigation into his mother’s suspicious death. Lonnie, dressed as a prostitute, learns about a new drug named Halo. Stormy goes for water. Lonnie’s in a tight spot. Stormy turns the channel and sees what appears to be a commercial for something called The Island or maybe IOTA.

The probationary Receptionist shows up late for their first day of work. Stormy asks about their lateness then says nevermind and to use his desk while he’s working in the back office. The Receptionist asks if Stormy is okay. Stormy ignores the question and mentions the the Receptionist can drink the water on the table. He tells the Receptionist to get settled and he'll be back out in a little bit to go over some things. The Receptionist settles in. They unpack a few items and put a family vacation photo next to Stormy's framed photo of Doris. Stormy pops his head in and asks them if they were the one that ordered all that bubbly water. The Receptionist says no, that they just started working here. Stormy remembers that it’s their first day. Stormy looks up at the ceiling, thinking he heard a mouse. Birds maybe? Definitely a squeaking of some kind. He turns his attention back to the Receptionist and asks what he was talking about. The Receptionist reminds him that he was talking about bubbly water. Stormy tells them to “Order more water.”

Doris walks into an art storage room. An Italian man meets her and asks if she brought everything they discussed. Doris tells him to come look and leads him upstairs to her car. She opens the trunk and unwraps a painting. The man looks closely and nods. He asks if the others are like this one. Doris says that some of them are even better.

Stormy tells the Receptionist about his security system and how to change the tapes. Stormy leaves to get lunch. While changing the tape the Receptionist notices that today is Day 12, and that there are only tapes for days 1 through 12. They wonder what happens tomorrow.

Caroline enters Global Chemical Company and finds Stormy lying motionless on the floor. She yells his name and rushes over. He’s breathing thank goodness. Caroline takes Stormy’s hand in hers and he opens his eyes. She asks what happened and Stormy says he must have fallen asleep. Caroline grimaces and says they need to get to a doctor. Stormy says no, that he’s seen enough doctors. Caroline asks what he means.

It's dark. Stormy sits on a bench in Minos Park. He complains about all the trash and wonders why the city doesn’t clean this place up. Dr. Paulette arrives and sits down next to him. Stormy thanks the doctor for meeting with him. She says no one can know about this. She presses Stormy for whatever important info he claims to have. Stormy admits to slightly stretching the truth, but that there’s a famous doctor coming to town who’s doing some innovative work in the experimental cooling field. Maybe Stormy could arrange a meeting. Dr. Paulette doesn’t see what this has to do with anything. She can see Stormy is really desperate. She says that the crystals will be difficult to locate and even harder to obtain. “Crystals?” By the end of the meeting Stormy is convinced that if he can obtain one of the crystals the doctor will use it to help him.

Tomorrow’s News:

Stormy shops for jewelry.
Halo comes to town.