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By Way of Today


Just A Quick In and Out

Summary for Thursday, May 4: Pack's in town for a visit, but when Stormy blacks out they miss their date at the opera. Abe finds himself in the dark at GCC, but the Receptionist is growing accustomed to the darkness.

The signal on the television at GCC is better today. Eric no longer has his prison haircut. It turns out that Eric and Brady are brothers. Not a surprise so much as a reminder. Stormy changes the channel and sees the commercial he saw the other day for the Island. He remembers that Marlena told him she overheard Stefano mention an Island. Stormy notes this, then at the commercial break runs to the back to put it on the chart.

In the back office at GCC, Stormy tells Caroline that maybe he made a mistake starting his chemical company right now. Caroline asks about his dizzy spells. Tomorrow H. Sterling Burnett arrives to give his lecture. Stormy is tired of hearing about the doctor and how everyone in town is so taken with the doctor. What he really needs is to get the office cleaned up. He tells Caroline that is why he made sure his Probationary Receptionist started this week. Caroline asks “Who?” Stormy pauses and listens and says they must be out to lunch right now. Caroline looks at him worriedly because she has never seen the Receptionist.

While the Receptionist is out and Stormy is alone, he immerses himself in the vapors of the doctor's cooling machine.

Stormy and Dr. Paulette meet in the park. Stormy is agitated and can't sit still. He expresses fears that he is getting worse and must find something that works soon before it is too late. Dr. Paulette tells Stormy that his symptoms are still mild and he's being a baby. He has time. Stormy doesn't agree, and thinks maybe he should go to Russia and that he’d have better luck tracking down Divcek once he’s there. Dr. Paulette tells him not to rush and that doing so may jeopardize the whole project. This doesn't calm Stormy. He asks if she wants to meet H. Sterling. “Who?” Stormy reminds her that Sterling is developing super-cooling machines and giving a lecture tomorrow night at his office. Dr. Paulette says there is one other possibility. It's not a cure but it does help to alleviate the symptoms for some people. Stormy immediately wants to know what it is and says he's ready. Dr. Paulette says there's a place you can go. She tells Stormy she'll inquire and see if accommodations can be made. Stormy is a little unsure and asks what kind of accommodations.

Stormy and Pack are in their tuxedos having a drink in the back office of GCC. Stormy mentions that Jack is writing a book, his war memoir. Pack doesn't want to be late. Stormy says there's no hurry. It's been so long since he's seen his friend. Pack admits that it's harder to stay in touch from Chicago and reveals that he thinks often of moving back. Stormy gets a little dizzy when standing up. Pack notices but Stormy says he's fine. They leave but Stormy forgets his pen and goes back in. He hears a sound from the back and promptly faints on his desk. Pack rushes in while yelling Stormy’s name.

Stormy has a vision: he’s on a beach sitting in a barber’s chair, but where’s the barber? His appointment was supposed to be an hour ago. Doris is off in the distance, painting en plein air. She waves. Stormy walks to a table laid out with fresh fruit, vegetables, cookies, water, juice, coffee. Lots of pudding. He picks up a mirror and looks at his hair. A perfect cut.

Stormy wakes up in the hospital. Pack is there and wants to know what happened. The doctors told him this couldn't have been the first blackout. Stormy admits that it's not. He asks if they missed the opera. Pack says Stormy should rest and they'll talk later. As Pack leaves he runs into Caroline. Pack starts to explains and Caroline stops him. She says she knows about Stormy's dizzy spells but didn’t know they were anything more serious. Pack asks if she want anything from the cafeteria. He's staying with Stormy all night. Caroline says he's a good friend.

In his hospital room, Stormy asks Caroline if anyone has contacted Doris. Caroline says that they left messages but no one has gotten through to her yet. Stormy is concerned.

Meanwhile, Abe enters GCC and looks around. The lights are out and the office appears empty. He pulls out his flashlight and shines it slowly over the magazines, the waters, the cubicle, the Receptionist - Abe screams and drops the flashlight. The Receptionist stands up and turns on the lights. Abe is angry and asks why they didn’t say anything when he came through the door. The Receptionist says that all the lights were off and the office seemed to be closed, so they didn’t think they should say anything. “So you’re closed?” Abe asks. “I’m not sure,” answers the Receptionist. They explain that they’re still new here and were never told what the hours are. Abe asks what kind of business they do. The Receptionist shrugs and says mostly research. Stormy’s the boss, but he’s not here. “Stormy huh? And when will Stormy be back?” The Receptionist shrugs again. Abe shows the Receptionist his badge. The Receptionist nods and offers him a water. He says they also have juice in the back. But the coffee maker is broken. Abe says he doesn’t have time and hands the the Receptionist his card. Abe and the boss need to talk. Abe goes to leave but then stops at the door. “Actually, maybe you can help me with something.” The Receptionist rolls back out from the cubicle. Abe looks from wall to wall. “This is a great space. Are you an art lover?”

At the hospital Pack is asleep in a chair next to Stormy's bed. Stormy opens one eye. He was pretending to be asleep. He slowly and quietly sheds the covers and swings his feet to the floor. He grabs a pile of clothes and tiptoes to the door. He turns to Pack. “Sorry friend, but I have someplace to be.” He looks through the window and after an orderly walks by he makes his move.

Tomorrow’s News:

An early morning phone call from Russia.
Stormy and the Receptionist find something in common.