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By Way of Today


Did You Say, “New Office Hours” or, “No Office Hours?”

Summary for Friday, May 5: Stormy and the Receptionist make big plans after Days. That evening, Sterling lives up to the hype but turns down Stormy's proposal.

Stormy enters Global Chemical Company. The lights are out. The Receptionist is at their desk and seems to be working. Stormy says that he’s had a rough night and needs some extra sleep. He asks what time it is. The Receptionist shrugs. The Receptionist notices Stormy’s hospital bracelet. Stormy quickly buries his hands in his pockets and asks what the Receptionist is working on. The Receptionist says that they’re starting a probationary art residency for the front office. Stormy looks confused. The Receptionist says that it could be a good way to bring in new business. Abe’s line about putting the storefront and white walls to use plays in their head. Stormy doesn’t follow and accuses the Receptionist of undermining his authority. He quickly settles down and tells the Receptionist they’ve figured out the job faster than he thought they would. Stormy says he has a few calls to make in the back. The Receptionist remembers that a call came for Stormy just a few minutes before he returned. It was from Russia. “Russia? What’s the number?” The Receptionist hands stormy the note and Stormy runs to the back office. The Receptionist puts the finishing touches on the open call announcement and mails it to the Laredo Ledger. Stormy pops his head in and asks the Receptionist if they know Russian. Stormy runs back to the phone. He attempts to convince Rolando Divcek to find a translator and call him back.

Doris enters a motel office and rings the bell. She requests a room for the night. “Just you?” the clerk asks. The clock shows that it is just past 1am. Doris nods yes and the clerk pushes the guestbook toward her. She grasps a pen, pauses in thought, and writes the name Carolyn Stoddard.

Stormy and the Receptionist ready the office for the lecture by H. Sterling. While tidying his desk, Stormy sees a framed photo of a large family on a beach next to his framed photo of Doris. He picks it up and looks at it intently. As Stormy begins moving chairs, the Receptionist accuses Stormy of ruining their work. Stormy steps back to look at what he’s done and apologizes but says he needs to arrange the space to watch Days. He started watching recently on his doctor’s recommendation. The Receptionist tells him he doesn’t need to explain. They’ve been a fan since the whole Salem Strangler storyline. Stormy says he doesn’t know anything about that. The Receptionist starts to explain but Stormy tells them how finicky the cable box is and they should get it set up right away to account for its difficulties.

Xander tells Nicole they are in his villa on an Island. Where’s Stormy? The Receptionist remembers a note Stormy made about the Island and reminds himself to tell Stormy about this new development. Stormy steps in and they catch up. At commercial break the Receptionist goes for water. Stormy asks for water too, but not pear. Much later Stormy gets water himself and the Receptionist finally returns just as the credits roll. The Receptionist looks different and attributes the change to a new diet built around switching breakfast for dinner and dinner for breakfast. They discuss the properties of time and Stormy insists it's a ball of yarn made up of other things too like speed and temperature. The Receptionist says it should be a noodle, one long strand of pasta. Stormy thinks the Receptionist is probably just hungry. Stormy and the Receptionist strategize getting bubbly water for Sterling’s talk, candies, an artist commissioned handshake to greet lecture attendees, an omelette bar, and mixed nuts for Sterling. This list spawns another list of items to address with Lynn including the front door, the mice upstairs, the lease, and an apology letter for the tire. Stormy is overwhelmed by these long lists but confident in the Receptionist to juggle all the tasks and wishes them well as they head off to the market to get food for the event and find an artist to commission for the handshake.

Abe is eating frozen yogurt in the plaza. As the Receptionist approaches Abe stands and deposits his yogurt container in the trash. Abe reminds the Receptionist that he’s a busy man. People are being murdered down by the docks and it’s up to him to do something about it. The Receptionist says he just came from talking with Stormy and introduced the idea of bringing someone into the office as a resident artist. Abe says they should get the word out so that the community knows about the opportunity even though it’s not a real opportunity. The Receptionist says it’s done. Abe asks what they mean. The Receptionist says that they submitted the ad to the Ledger before even talking to Stormy. It will be in tomorrow’s paper. Abe’s eyes widen. “That means we can get a man in their as early as tomorrow.”

Dr. Paulette sits on a bench in Minos Park. A man approaches and sits next to her. She says, “You’re late Bronsky.” Bronsky drops an envelope on the bench and walks away. Dr. Paulette opens the envelope and scans a Report on the Activities of Stormy Sales.

The turnout at GCC is even greater than anticipated. Stormy says this night is evidence of the hard work he’s put into his new company over the past three months. He introduces Christopher Reed of Il-PHVACC who introduces H. Sterling. Sterling addresses the numerous fallacies in policy thinking about energy use, specifically air conditioning. Cooling machines emit a fog over the floor of the office. After the lecture, Stormy expresses to H. Sterling his interest in new cooling new technologies and mentions that he is doing similar research. Stormy asks if Sterling might be open to partnering. Sterling doesn’t think he can help because he is working for the good of all mankind and not interested in profit or selfish gains. Stormy mentions his contacts in Russia. Sterling says he's gone down that road and been burned. Stormy is disappointed but understands. In his pocket, Stormy clenches his fist.

Tomorrow’s News:

Stormy decides that the time is now.