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By Way of Today


An Island In the Distance

Summary for Saturday, May 6: Artist residency interviews at GCC result in an arrest. Unrelatedly, Stormy decides it's time to close the Global doors and pursuit his visions.

In the back office of GCC, Stormy sketches some of the images from his past visions. He looks at his security monitors and sees the Receptionist leave the office. Stormy returns to his vision board, then remembers that Sterling left in a hurry last night and forgot his cooling machines. Stormy brings the machines to the back and immerses himself in the vapors. He falls into another vision, waking up on a foggy Island.

Stormy is napping in the back office when the Receptionist enters. He watches the Receptionist on his security monitors. The Receptionist makes a call and says that everything is set on their end. At the police station, Abe nods with satisfaction. He asks if Stormy is on board with the idea. The Receptionist says they’ve won his confidence and can proceed without interference. Abe says he’ll send someone over asap. In deep thought, Stormy leans back and looks toward the front office.

In the back office Stormy watches yesterday’s soap opera tape. Ciara leaves with Wyatt to show him the grease trap they used to make her clean out when she was a kid. Rafe says that’ll be fun. Stormy looks at the clock and realizes that Days is on live and runs to the front office to get the television ready. At a break Stormy sees a commercial for the Island. He moves closer, slowly, and puts his hand in the screen. A pudding commercial comes on. Stormy shuts off the tv and sits in silence. He says he thinks it's time to go. He can't wait for Dr. Paulette. He's doubtful Divcek will be helpful and wishes he spoke Russian. He thinks he should follow his visions, and as best he can tell they point to the Island. He has some calls to make and writes out a list. 1. Lynn (landlord). She should know he will be gone temporarily. 2. Faith. He regrets not being in touch with her lately and wonders if he should stay for her. 3. The Receptionist. Will they come with him? 4. Doris. But where is she? 5. Doug. He remembers that Doug will be doing a full set tomorrow and decides to talk to Doug in person following. He scratches Doug off the list. 5. Dr. Divcek. It's worth another try. 6. A travel agent. He doesn’t know where he’s going but he’ll need someone to help him. 7. Dr. Paulette. Will he need swimming trunks? He grabs the phone and calls his landlord Lynn. Stormy assures her that he's not breaking his lease and will keep the office but his research has compelled him to do some traveling. He's not sure when he will return. He’s not ready to talk to Faith and makes a sign for the front door stating that the office is closed until further notice.

An artist arrives at GCC inquiring about the residency. Stormy asks if she saw the closed sign on the front door. She said she did but the door was open, and besides there was an ad in today’s paper - Stormy cuts her off. He tells her it’s not his project and he’s not really into the idea but if she wants she can wait for the Receptionist. He tells her where the water is located and retreats to the back office. From his back office Stormy watches the artist take a water and sit in the waiting area. Stormy falls asleep on the couch.

Stormy wakes with the bell as Bronsky enters GCC. Stormy emerges from the back and says that if he’s here for the artist residency he’ll have to wait in line. They both look to the empty waiting area and back at each other. Stormy says he guesses she left. Stormy asks Bronsky what kind of artist he is. Bronsky says that he is more of a performance artist. Stormy asks if that is a Russian accent. Before Bronsky can answer he says that he’s been trying to talk to a man in Russia but he needs a translator. He asks Bronsky if that’s something he could do. Bronsky says, “Yes. Very easily I could do that.” The phone rings. Divcek is on the line with a translator. Stormy notices Bronksy listening and tells Divcek to hold. Stormy tells Bronksy he needs to take the call in the back and that there is complimentary water on the desk.

Divcek wants to know when Stormy will arrive to start training. Stormy says he’s not interested in training. He’s looking for the crystals. Divcek’s translator says yes, the crystals. Stormy asks if he knows where they are. “Where?” “Yes, where are they?” Divcek has not seen them in years. Stormy clarifies, “But Divcek knows about the crystals?” The translator takes offense. “Yes of course, they are his most famous students.” Stormy tries to communicate that he’s not interested in ice skating but wants to track down a crystal that may be travelling with an ice skating troupe from Russia. The translator says that Divcek is a trainer. He trains skaters. That’s what he does. Stormy wants to know if he’s seen or heard of a crystal that is transported in a large block of ice. Divcek does not understand and asks again if Stormy is coming to train. From his security center, Stormy watches Bronksy going through his filing cabinet. He tells Divcek that he’s decided not to come to Russia. Stormy enters the front office and says he didn’t catch his name. Bronsky says Michael. Stormy says that is great. He asks Michael/Bronsky if he brought any samples of his work. Perhaps a video or maybe he wants to do a live performance. Michael/Bronsky admits he is not prepared for such a thing. Stormy says that’s too bad. He’s unlikely to get the residency if he’s not prepared to perform or at least show sufficient documentation of past performances. Stormy suggests an on the spot oral/written interview. He’ll ask questions and Bronsky/Michael will answer in written form. Stormy says “Ready, Go.” and peppers Bronsky/Michael with rapid fire questions. After a handful of questions the Receptionist returns and asks what is going on. Stormy says he is interviewing an artist for the residency. The Receptionist says this is not how it is done. And that they are running the residency program, not Stormy. Stormy says he’s come on board and would like to take an active role in the process. The Receptionist says fine, and Stormy says fine, and they both look at Michael/Bronksy. Stormy tells the Receptionist that Michael/Bronksy is Russian. Behind the cubicle Stormy writes a note for the Receptionist to call the police from the back office. The Receptionist leaves and Stormy resumes his oral/written interview.

Dr. Paulette waits alone on a bench in Minos Park.

Sirens are heard, and moments later Laredo PD officers rush through the front door of GCC. Stormy tells them to arrest Michael/Bronsky for stealing some of his files. Detective Abe Carver enters. “Hello Bronsky. We’ve been looking for you.” Abe tells the officers to cuff Bronsky and read him his rights. Bronsky is taken out. Abe gives the Receptionist a look on his way out. The Receptionist asks Stormy what that was all about. Stormy tells him they’re done with artist interviews for the day and he withdraws to his back office.

Doris drives alone through the dark. She grips the wheel hard and glances frequently in the rear view mirror. Headlights from a car behind light up her eyes.

Tomorrow’s News:

Marlena learns old news.
Stormy comes back.