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By Way of Today


So Are the Days

Summary for Sunday, May 7: Stormy doubts yesterday's decision to pack up and go. Doug and Julie can't move forward because they're stuck in the past.

Stormy stews in the office. Days isn't even on today. What does Xander do on his day off? He's ashamed to be back so soon after he said he was leaving. He calls his therapist, Dr. Tong. Stormy doubts that running a chemical company is getting him any closer to his goal. He wonders if he should abandon the ways of modern chemistry and embrace the alchemical. Should he set out on a quest for the crystal? Dr. Tong says that going backwards is a way of going forward if you turn around and face it. Stormy says that makes sense. Is he right then to close the Global doors? But if so where is he? What's the replacement for the thing he dismantles? Stormy says he made a goal for himself before he started the company that he would give it at least a year but it’s only been three months. Dr. Tong asks if perhaps Stormy’s fixation on “goals” is the real problem here.

Marlena taps her fingers on a table in Charles Tavern. She's worried. She looks at her watch again. A flustered Julie comes through the door and Marlena stands and asks if everything is alright. They sit and Julie tells Marlena that she's been helping take care of Hope since Addie died and that Hope has another fever. Marlena is confused and asks Julie to slow down. “Addie is dead?” Julie says yes and wonders why Marlena hadn't heard. Marlena says she was in New Orleans. In fact, she just came straight from the airport. Julie is apologetic. She tells Marlena that Addie was hit by a bus while crossing the street on the other side of the plaza. Marlena is shocked. Julie says that Addie pushed Hope’s stroller out of the way, just before she herself was crushed. Marlena is aghast. She asks how Doug is dealing with it? Julie looks down at her shoes.

At headquarters, Bronsky sits in a chair in an otherwise empty small room. Abe enters forcefully and wastes no time asking Bronski where he was four nights ago. Bronsky says a few words in Russian. Abe says that’s not going to work with him. Bronsky utters the same words he said before. Abe opens the door. He introduces the man who walks in as Samuel. In Russian, Samuel says hello and that he will be working as a translator for the conversation. Bronsky says it’s not a conversation but a setup.

Stormy waits on a bench in Minos Park. Dr. Paulette arrives and Stormy doesn’t waste any time. He tells her he’s ready. She tells him it’s not so simple. There is protocol. A first visit requires at least a month of preparation. Stormy says he has no other place to go, he's shuttered the office. Dr. Paulette tells Stormy they shouldn’t meet here like this anymore. Stormy asks where they could meet. Dr. Paulette says this isn't working, she looked into his past. She isn’t comfortable with helping him. She rises to leave. Stormy says he wants to go with her. She says it’s not like that. Stormy blurts out, “It's the Island. Isn't it?” Dr. Paulette stops. Stormy says he wants to go. Dr. Paulette steps away. Stormy says calmly that Bronsky was arrested at his office last night. Dr. Paulette stops again. She turns and looks sternly at Stormy.

Doug walks through Berkeley Plaza, brainstorming how to debut his new coffee drinks. Take an ad out in the Ledger? He sits. Jack probably wouldn’t charge much. Free samples? Doug jots all this down in a notebook. He looks up and sees Julie coming out of Charles Tavern. They lock eyes. Julie looks sad and sighs. She walks off in the other direction. Doug is frozen in place, unsure if he should follow. He flashes back to an old fight they had. They’re both dressed in Hawaiian shirts and big sun hats, about to leave for their honeymoon. They talk about how happy they are and how important this is. It took a lot to get here. Julie tells Doug that she just needs to go help David finish packing and then they’ll be all ready to go. Doug’s face slowly turns red. He shakes his head back and forth and then flips out about her bringing David. Julie loses it too. She can’t believe he’s rehashing this just as they’re about to leave. Doug throws his suitcase back on the bed and says he can’t do this again. Julie pauses for a long time, calming herself down, long enough to where Doug gets worried. In a low, serious tone Julie says she agrees. She can’t do this again either. Doug is shocked. He didn’t mean it like that. “It’s not right,” Julie says. “It never will be.” Neither one of them move. Slowly, Julie turns her attention to the colorful patterns in the carpet. Doug does the same.

Tomorrow’s News:

Marlena won’t give up.
Doug knows about pockets.