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By Way of Today


Office Affairs

Hope reminisces by candlelight,
and Aiden works late.

Writing in her diary, Hope recounts her troubled history with Aiden Jennings. Forgiveness does not come easy.

The Receptionists learn that Bo is contractually obliged to appear in the next episode and they must rewrite his, and Aiden's, fate. They call Aiden to tell him the news.

At the office, Aiden is packing his possessions and receives a call from the Receptionists. He's unhappy that Bo can't be so easily written out of hte episode, and says he'll call them back. He pushes a pen across his desk, then has a startling flashback to a contract signing. A shadowy figure appears and delivers Aiden an envelope. Aiden is momentarily distracted by a phone call from Hope. He expresses frustration with a case he’s working on, says he loves her and promises to bring home Chase’s backpack. Upon opening the envelope, Aiden finds another blank check from Countess Wilhelmina Cosmetics. After clearing off his desk, Aiden removes an ancient dagger from a drawer. He holds it in his hands and vows to kill Hope.

The man from the basement (the "employee," the "gift," the "prisoner," the "alien") busses tables at a casino. He smokes out back and contrasts the casino job dream with the casino job reality.

Tomorrow’s News:

Aiden wrestles with a terrible decision.