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By Way of Today


Keys Open More than Doors

For patients at Value Vision,
seeing is not always believing.

At Minos Park, the bench is missing. Bronco arrives and leaves the optometric equipment he stole from Value Vision.

Without his fix of Days, the Receptionist isn’t his normal self. He tries to be diligent despite his frustrations and wonders again if he shouldn’t just give it up and walk out the door one last time.

Dave and his assumed son Lou arrive at Value Vision hoping to see Dr. Charles about a pair of ill-fitting eyeglasses. Lou can’t see well enough to fill out the forms and his assumed father Dave takes issue with the doctor’s shoddy work on their previous visit. The Receptionist asks Dave’s opinion of getting a coffee maker in the office. Lou starts eating his paperwork while Dave suggests possible changes: offering other services like treating narcolepsy, bringing more enthusiasm to the waiting room, and having more glasses on display. The Receptionist likes Dave’s suggestions and takes notes for pitching these ideas to Dr. Charles. On the topic of retention, Dave gives the example of Comcast offering free $29.95 internet when you tell them you’re going to switch service providers. When the Receptionist heads to the back to check on the doctor he warns Dave about touching the optical equipment. When Dave and his “son” are alone the first thing they do is touch the forbidden equipment. Upon returning and witnessing the violation, the Receptionist becomes angrier and rescinds the doctor’s recommended two-appointments-for-the-price-of-one offer. The Receptionist recommends continued waiting or stepping out for coffee like the man who came in hours earlier and has not returned. Sensing this veiled threat, Dave and Lou make their exit.

The man in the basement of Value Vision wakes up to a tray of food left by the doctor - tomato quiche and a fancy bubbly water. He is unsure what day it is, or how long he has spent in this room. He hopes the doctor makes good on the Casino job he’s promised.

Dave takes Lou to Minos Park. When Dave steps away for a minute, the Receptionist finds Lou and intends to take him to the police station, but runs into Dave on the way.

Upstairs in the waiting room, the Receptionist researches Brazilian mining companies, installs an intercom, and starts designing a flier for the doctor’s alternative business of offering a space for people needing to “get away from it all.” He gets a message from Dr. Charles asking him to extend office hours on a “feeling” that people may come late. Following a call from Aiden, the receptionist leaves to put the key in the place they discussed previously.

Julian Vendrell enters the empty Value Vision, signs in, and waits. When the doctor passes through he peeks back in and asks where his receptionist has gone. Not wanting to disappoint a patient, and with all exam rooms full, the doctor decides to conduct a pre-exam in the waiting room. After giving a rundown of his daily optical activity, Julian admits to cheese-induced headaches.

At Minos Park, the Receptionist hides a key underneath a rock for Aiden.

Back at Value Vision, the Receptionist finds Julian waiting having only seen the doctor for a pre-exam. Julian reveals that he’s a painter but seems coy about the label. Finding it strange that Julian is already in the office system, the Receptionist questions Julian further. The two discuss doing business together, perhaps paintings of people holding flowers, or of people smelling flowers, or pets plus flowers plus people. Wanting to know more about Julian’s work, the Receptionist attempts to visit Julian’s website but it is unavailable. The Receptionist suggests that Julian should contact his web host. With no indication as to the length of wait, Julian heads out to get coffee. The Receptionist asks for one too and gives Julian a couple dollars. Alone again, the Receptionist googles Julian and finds a painting of a sexy cat smoking.

Tomorrow’s News:

Hope confronts Aiden.

A shakeup of Value Vision personnel.