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By Way of Today


Hope for Rope and Three is Company

For the residents of Laredo,
rose-colored glasses are the perfect fit.

Dr. Charles arrives at Value Vision to find the Receptionist’s letter of resignation written on a new marker board. The Receptionist has “moved on.” He also notices that most of the fancy bubbly water, and all of the rubber stamps, are missing. He repurposes the marker board to be a welcome sign. The other doctor arrives and attempts to be useful. Dr. Charles humors him by listening to his stupid ideas. “Together” they create a designated spot for the Receptionist’s keys - a 4”x4” square on the surface of the desk, outlined in sharpie, labeled “Key Zone.” They discuss the fumigation at the office scheduled for noon. Later, the landlord texts to say he is sick and the fumigation is “off.” They are relieved since noon is the time they watch their program.

Dr. Charles posts a help wanted ad on the Laredo community portal website for the vacant Receptionist position. The ad calls for a photo, so Dr. Charles restages a scene from a couple days prior: the Receptionist sitting across from a man and baby (Dave and Lou), while motioning to the new piece of eye equipment lying on the desk, saying “don’t touch.” Dr. Charles brilliantly suggests that the other doctor wear his racing uniform and create a newborn baby out of stuffing a paper bag with some trash. Even though the other doctor annoyingly complains about getting hot inside the uniform because he doesn’t normally wear other clothes underneath, the picture comes out great. Dr. Charles decides to post both pictures on the ad page. Addressing Value Vision’s newest addition, Dr. Charles requests that applicants should love babies and know how to take care of them. Later, Dr. Charles ponders the gooey stuff inside kangaroo pouches, and latex body paint. Dr. Charles and the other doctor watch Days. It’s a really good episode, all of it taking place in the DiMera mansion where Abigail, Chad and JJ set a trap for Ben. It’s storming outside and the power goes out. The landlord calls again and has changed his mind about the fumigation, which needs to happen immediately. The TV reception being poor, the two doctors decide to watch at the bar at the other end of Berkeley Plaza. They return shortly, having been given the OK by the landlord. It’s hard for Abigail to trust Chad and JJ after they lied about Ben being in Louisiana, which totally makes sense. The episode feels more like a Friday episode but the doctors guess it was too intense for Good Friday and the episode was switched with the Monday episode. It’s decided that the half-full eyeglasses display case in the lobby would benefit from some larger glasses to fill the empty areas and that a hands-less try-on system with little pictures pasted to the wall that you look at through the lenses would be nice.

In the basement of Value Vision, the other doctor visits the sleeping prisoner and leaves a folder of office files as reading material in exchange for Jack’s book which he claims to be more than halfway through and wants to get back into. One or both of them unable to find the park bench in Minos Park, Gideon and his hand-selected applicant for the Receptionist position at Value Vision talk on the phone from two distinct and unknown locations. Through multiple tedious recaps of how the interview and next night’s activity will go, Gideon tries to ensure that things will go according to plan by drilling his orders into the head of the Receptionist applicant. Gideon’s overbearing tone and insistence on perfection give the potential Receptionist anxiety and he sits on the ground repeatedly during the call. With a rain storm rolling in, and the potential Receptionist without his slicker, they say goodbye.

In the Value Vision waiting room, the other doctor occupies the reception desk. He rereads the email from Julian about stopping by with some of his paintings, but before replying, another email from Julian arrives and says that he is working on something new and would like to delay the visit a couple of days so he can bring the new painting for a viewing. A job application arrives via the community bulletin. The doctor confirms an appointment with the applicant for later that day and warns that it will be Dr. Charles’s dinner break and he may be eating pizza throughout. A mysterious visitor stops by Value Vision and the doctor whisper argues with them in the lobby.

The man in the basement gets up, stretches his legs, and notices that Jack’s book is missing. A few minutes later the doctor comes down thinking he heard noises, but the man appears to be asleep already.

Dr. Charles returns to Value Vision in the early evening carrying two large pizzas and two new cases of fancy bubbly water. He conducts an interview with the potential Receptionist replacement. Because he’s really nice, and because he already ate several slices on the drive over, Dr. Charles generously shares his pizza with the Applicant. He also discusses the importance of taking a firm position on important issues. Having an opinion matters - even about the gooey stuff in kangaroo pouches. The Applicant wears glasses and says he has worn them nearly his whole life. When questioned about coffee making skills, he refers to his resume which he only submitted electronically and Dr. Charles has not seen, then offers that he used to work at the Coffee Barn on the other side of the plaza. Dr. Charles is surprised to have never seen him before, because the coffee there is actually pretty good and if he’s not making coffee at home he usually gets it from the Barn. The Applicant also claims to have extensive performative omelette-making experience from his previous work at Beyond Food. He really sells the doctor with his enthusiasm and know-how for taking care of babies. Dr. Charles tells the applicant that he’ll make his decision later that night or early next morning. After the Applicant leaves, Dr. Charles takes the Newborn downstairs to keep the man in the basement company. The man is asleep, so Dr. Charles gently lowers the Newborn into the crook of the man’s arm. He whispers to the dreaming man to be careful when he wakes up so he doesn’t roll over the Newborn. There’s something really beautiful about the two of them right now. Maybe they can take care of each other.

Dr. Charles works late into the night, because he’s very dedicated to his craft. Hope returns to the Value Vision for some follow-up questions. She is concerned to hear about the Receptionist disappearing in the middle of the night, only moments after she questioned him about suspicious activity in Berkeley Plaza. She rushes home to update Rafe on the matter. She admits to feeling rejuvenated being back on the job- team Rope, like the good old days. Rafe makes a joke at Aiden’s expense, calling him “waspy.” Hope laughs it off, but then agrees that Rafe’s got a point. Someone watches Hope through her living room window.

Back at Value Vision, Dr. Charles kicks back a cold one while listening to his Days soundtrack. It is intensely satisfying. No one else having respond to the job posting, he decides to offer the position to the Applicant he interviewed earlier that night. He calls the Applicant, and, without meaning to, speaks deeply for what must have been hours but only felt like twenty minutes or so. He cuts to the heart of many matters, and the Applicant is no doubt changed forever. His silence is taken as acceptance and the bond is sealed.

Tomorrow’s News:

Dr. Charles trains the New Receptionist.

Having been gone for nearly a year, Doris checks in.