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Currently: Covering up another crime.

Hope Williams Brady is the daughter of Addie and Doug Williams, and former wife of Bo Brady and Aiden Jennings. Her children are Shawn Brady and Ciara Brady. Currently a police detective Hope has also been a nurse, a waitress, frozen yogurt maker, scuba instructor and more. Since her soulmate Bo died in 2016 she has been floundering and acting senselessly. She is currently married to Rafe for reasons no one, including the shows writers, understands. Hope occasional adopts the persona of Princess Gina, typically through brainwashing but in time has learned to get into the Gina character when it suits her purposes. Hope is obsessive, especially in her detective work and still regularly talks about the Unsolved Berkeley Plaza Case that left one talented painter dead and everyone confused about what was really happening in the basement of Dr. Charles optometry office (she, and many residents, to this day cannot say the name Value Vision).

Hope Brady's favorite alibi :

It's a tie between was cursed at the time and was brainwashed at the time.