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Currently: Painting.

Ned Charles grew up under Pack and Virginia Charles and was in line to take over the family telecom business until his father's unwillingness to branch out into cable tv prompted him to go it on his own and leave his family.

Dr. Charles’ self-promoting advertisements for an optometry office called Value Vision, in the Berkeley Plaza just off Route 6, in the spring of 2016, were weeks later revealed to be the introduction of his character to Laredo. Value Vision served as Ned’s above ground business devoted to waiting and checking eyes as well as his below ground business of “giving new hope to the innocent” and “caring for strangers,” and “putting lost folks back on the map,” and “resisting the forces of Fitness Planet.” Though he first appeared in the spring of 2016, Ned has been in business in one form or another for all of time.

As suspicion grows around the rumored “man in the basement” protesters gather in the plaza making getting in or out of Value Vision difficult for Ned and the other doctors. And with detective Hope Brady sensing the doctor’s instability, Ned and Doris flee after the man in the basement escapes on his own on the night of Ned’s eleventh day in Laredo.

Months later, Ned Charles emerges in Irvine, CA where he runs an unsuccessful campaign for mayor. When Lieutenant Abe Carver gets an anonymous email linking to a Ewe search showing a few newspaper stories about mayoral candidate Ned Charles, he calls the Irvine Police to find out more about the losing candidate. Meanwhile, Ned has already booked it for The Island.

Dr. Ned Charles's favorite body part :