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Julian Vendrell

Currently: On retreat at the cabin, trying to paint

Famed local painter Julian Vendrell was beloved by nearly all for his paintings both figurative and abstract at the same time. When shot by Ernest Turrell in the waiting room of Value Vision he is not seen for many cycles.
Julian stays at the cabin in effort to reacquaint himself with painting and figure out how he might return to Laredo. While taking a stroll along the lake one day, Julian sees a body lying on the shore. Rolling over the body he immediately recognizes it as his old nemesis Ernest Turrel, rumored to be alive but unseen for years. Julian nurses Ernest back to health. Once better, Ernest truthfully tells Julian the events if his life since their previous meeting when he shot Julian numerous times at point-blank range. Julian details his return from the beyond and doubts about being able to paint again. The pair reconcile. Ernest convinces Julian that he can only leave the cabin if another time-phasing hat can be fabricated. When Julian travels back to Laredo to ask The Mayor if another hat can be made, The Mayor agrees to do so and convinces Julian he should show some paintings in the store, kind of like an art residency. Julian accepts the offer but days later has forgotten the whole exchange and nothing comes of the residency.