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Currently: Managing a jewelry store in Laredo's town circle.

The Island’s first time mayor, also the character who installed Direct Time on The Island, is currently the owner of a jewelry store in Laredo. His dealings in time are strongly hinted at, and sometimes made very obvious, in his interactions with Stormy, but he remains unknown to most.

People who get to know him personally call him The Mayor. He claims to have once and briefly been the mayor of a small midwestern town as explanation for his nickname. The Mayor invented Direct Time because he, like Stormy, suffered from headaches and dizziness due to Alternating Time. For this reason he and Stormy bond, and as a sufferer himself The Mayor is quick to recognize the symptoms in others. For a time when Stormy is struggling with his unexplained health issues, The Mayor serves as a guide/counselor/dad to Stormy. The Mayor is the one who confirms Stormy’s suspicions about The Island and he is able to partially coordinate Stormy’s first visit. No one remembers The Mayor for more than a week and he’s frequently meeting characters again for the first time.

He is typically forgotten due to his malfunctioning self-projected long term memory forcefield. Originally, a sought after invention to help keep his secrets, when it goes wrong, it becomes permanent to his present day great annoyance. Having no reason to keep conversation fresh and nimble he mostly speaks in catchphrases and parables that he repeats over and over. The Mayor invented the neutral watch around 2010 and gifted one to Stormy shortly thereafter.

Around 2020 The Mayor starts a Gamblers Anonymous (GA) group because he identifies part of the gamblling addiction as a time affliction or deficiency. It is through this group that he meets Ernest, then going by the name James. As Ernest’s condition improves, he starts working for The Mayor repairing watches and being generally available “if needed” and regularly “in the back, you know, if anybody needs [him],” which is to say he is playing 2018/2019 Roman.