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Currently: At leisure on The Island.

Stormy is Aiden’s father though he calls Aiden “Steve” for the first five years of Aiden’s life because he doesn’t know Aiden and just guesses at what his name might be for something to call him by.

The hands on Stormy’s watches are falling off or breaking because of the overwinding caused by Direct Time on The Island and the repeated back and forth between AT and DT. Having accumulated a garbage bag full of broken watches he takes them to the jewelry store for repair and meets The Mayor who educates him on his condition and teaches him about the workings of time.

While on The Island Stormy’s trash is repeatedly vandalized so he installs a security system. When he learns from the footage that the culprits are raccoons he is more fascinated than upset. He shows the tape to a few friends who are similarly enthused and a couple ask for copies. Fascinated by the racoons antics Stormy starts leaving them challenges and seeing what else they can do all while saving the tapes. He continues showing bits of the tapes to friends and soon word spreads and others want to see the raccoons too. There are enough requests that Stormy agrees to screen something at the local theater. He cuts the footage down to under an hour and the screening is a success but the raccoons keep coming back and doing entertaining things and Stormy is overwhelmed by the task of editing a stream of nearly live action. He realizes that even a bi-yearly unique screening would be too long or missing too many good moments. He guesses he even has enough for a weekly half hour show. On his next trip back to Laredo Stormy acquires some crude broadcasting equipment from The Mayor and soon starts transmitting his show, now called Racoons Weekly from the roof of his garage on The Island every Saturday at 7. Stormy’s pioneering telecom efforts spark a community of enthusiastic audio and video creators who in time build a public access studio for The Island. By 1994 ITV-8 is broadcasting 24 hours a day.

Stormy's favorite book :

Pale Fire is a 1962 novel by Vladimir Nabokov. The novel is presented as a 999-line poem titled "Pale Fire", written by the fictional poet John Shade, with a foreword, lengthy commentary and index written by Shade's neighbor and academic colleague, Charles Kinbote. Together these elements form a narrative in which both fictional authors are central characters.