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Currently: Producing commercials in Brazil.

Doris and her cousin Isabella Kiriakis spent their adolescent summers at the Vendrell art camp. Doris’ parents couldn’t afford the camp, but when Isabella’s father Victor noticed Doris’s talent he offered to pay her way if she would accompany his shy daughter Isabella. Victor allowed Doris to store her paintings in his basement, where they were forgotten.

Doris skips college and tries to make is as a painter but struggles. When word reaches her in 1984 that her childhood paintings are selling for tens of thousands of dollars in Japan, she contacts Victor to get the rest of the paintings. Victor tells her those paintings were cleared out when they built Philip’s boxing ring in the basement. Expressing her defeat to her friend Kate over frozen yogurt, Kate suggests she stop thinking about it so much and try to paint like when she was a child. That night Doris resumes painting with a passion, but now painting in the style of her 8 year old self. Not knowing if the world will accept her new paintings she post-dates them and tells her art dealer Caruso that she made them in summer art camp and they’ve been in her uncle’s basement for years. Feeling that her forgery is suspected, Doris adopts a disguise and without Caruso’s knowledge makes a quick trunk sale of kid paintings to some other “dealers.” That night she leaves town. When her brother Stormy ends up in the hospital and she can’t be located a search for her begins. Doris gets a message at her hotel from her dealer Caruso telling her he needs more paintings. He suggests she take a residency in Maine to get more work done. In 2004 the remainder of Doris’ childhood paintings are sold in the Kiriakis estate sale following Victor’s electrocution. They are later discovered by a Chicago dealer and sell at auction for more than any pieces to date. When things return to normal in Salem and Victor is alive, Doris talks to Victor and asks if he might be able to help her financially with her art career. Victor says he is sorry her childhood paintings were sold without her knowledge and offers a small amount of restitution but says that in business the only thing that matters is the next thing and she should use the money for some brushes and paints. Doris returns to her studio but fails to make anything satisfactory. Defeated she rents out her studio to a young man named Julian.

Doris reappears in Laredo again in 2016 claiming to have an appointment with Dr. Ned Charles at Value Vision. Ned meets with her and they try to discuss the man in the basement, but worried that The Receptionist might hear, Ned suggests they meet later in the park. Doris returns to Value Vision a few days later to watch Days. She reveals that she has been in Brazil and meets a caterer named Ian who tells her he saw a clammy-hands man in the basement. Doris calms Ian and tells him to tell no one what he saw. Doris returns that night to find Dr. Charles and the man from the basement talking in the waiting room. The casino job for the man is all set up and they are waiting for a good time to leave because the protests have made getting in or out of the plaza difficult. They work on the man’s demeanor and all don disguises. While Doris and Ned are arguing the man escapes. On her way to the airport, a frustrated Aiden calls. He’s read the next day’s script where Bo will shoot him dead. Doris assures Aiden that he’s one of her best clients and she can still work for him from Brazil, in fact she has a new script to send him as soon as she lands.

In Brazil Doris is working as an agent for actors and tv personalities. On set for a toothpaste commercial she gets a call from her dealer Caruso. He tells her that collectors in Spain are talking about her work and if they could get more product in front of eyeballs it could be lucrative. Doris tells him to forget her number and forget that she ever picked up a paintbrush. She watches a dancing tooth, her client, trip on a cord and bounce off the ground. Later that same day Doris gets a call telling her that her studio tenant was killed a couple weeks ago and somebody needs to sort through all the stuff. Doris asks in disbelief, “Little Julian?” Days later Doris returns to Laredo. She walks into Julian’s studio and it is filled with paintings in various stages of completion.